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Types of colored contact lenses

Colored contact lenses are the most affordable way to radically change the image or hide small cosmetic eye defects. However, not all colored contact lenses can do this. Colored contact lenses are available by prescription (for people with low vision) or over-the-counter (such as Plano) for those who do not have vision problems. If desired, you can order colored lenses, even multifocal ones. Depending on the purpose, there are several types of colored contact lenses.

  • Tinted colored contact lenses

Tinted type contact lenses are colored evenly, completely, but the color intensity is low and the pattern of the wearer's iris is visible through them. These lenses can only enhance the intensity of the color, so they are ideal for people with light eyes.

  • Colored contact lenses

With colored contact lenses, you can drastically change the color of your eyes, even if by nature they have a rich brown color. These lenses also have a second name - cosmetic. Today you can easily purchase lenses in a variety of colors, from soft emerald and purple to sapphire or honey-tea. Colored cosmetic lenses have a characteristic difference: they have a complex pattern imitating the iris. The pattern area is opaque, that is, it has no optical features. For vision, only the transparent, uncolored central part of the lenses, located directly opposite the pupil, is intended.

  • Crazy colored contact lenses

Crazy lenses - carnival contact lenses, fully justify their name, because in translation from English this word is translated as "crazy". Such lenses are also colored and are distinguished by a variety of funny patterns that are located in the iris zone. Crazy lenses are very popular, because you can instantly get a cat or tiger eye by wearing them, as well as choose any other pattern you like, from a dollar sign to a soccer ball.

  • Natural colored contact lenses

Natural colored eye lenses that enhance the natural color, in various colors and shades, allowing you to naturally change and enhance the color of your own eyes. Big choice. Reviews of natural contact lenses.

  • Colored contact lenses for Halloween

 Halloween colored lenses are water-saturated contact resins that look great on the eyes of an adorable werewolf, a mischievous vampire, or a hilarious Halloween zombie. Patterned lenses do not have diopters and are not designed for driving at night. Storing lenses in a special solution will allow them to be used for the New Year (their shelf life after opening is three months).
Colored lenses for Halloween are a great addition to a stunning carnival costume!

  • Anime contact lenses

Anime lenses are designed for those who love experiments and know a lot about Japanese animation. Thanks to their unusual colors, the size of the eyes visually increases, you become like the characters of your favorite cartoons. The attention of others and a positive mood are provided! You will definitely not remain in the shadows, both in everyday life and at parties, including themed ones.
In an effort to emphasize your image, do not forget about safety. These lenses should not be worn continuously for more than 5-6 hours a day.
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