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Colored contacts for dark eyes

Decide what color lenses you want for brown eyes.
There are many options:

  • tinted lenses - add sparkle and brightness to the eyes, but, as a rule, are only suitable for light eyes
  • lenses with the effect of "doll eyes". The effect is achieved due to the complex pattern and the increased diameter of the lenses.
  • crazy lenses with crazy colors and designs. Usually used for creative images and photo shoots.
  •  the most popular option - natural-colored lenses for brown eyes, giving the eyes a slight tint

It is important to choose colored lenses that accurately cover your natural eye color and look natural.
Manufacturers of contact vision correction products are constantly improving technologies and offering new solutions. Among them are lenses that “change” the color of the eyes, or rather, covering the natural shade of the iris with a colored material. They can also be used by owners of brown eyes. Even if the natural shade is very dark, the means of correction change it, and sometimes dramatically - to light blue, bright emerald, honey or fantasy.

Best colored contacts for dark eyes

Features of choosing colored lenses for dark (brown) eyes
What colors are suitable for a particular person can be said simply by looking at the brightness, the pattern of the iris, the distribution of the coloring pigment over it. It is important to remember: under certain lighting, the shade changes. It is advisable for brown-eyed people to discuss the choice with a specialist - an optometrist. You should come to him in clothes of a neutral tone, without bright makeup, so that he finds the perfect option, given the shade of the skin, eyelashes, hair, whites of the eyes.

To make the look as spectacular and expressive as possible, you can focus on a few basic rules:

  • for a natural effect, brown-eyed people should choose lenses of green, gray and all shades of brown - they are closer to the natural color scheme;
  • a cardinal correction in purple, yellow, blue, light green requires careful selection of shades and “fitting” - otherwise disharmony will spoil the whole image, because attention is primarily attracted to the eyes;
  •  to make the lenses less noticeable, they should have a pattern that imitates the natural iris, and a dark border - this will give the look depth and expressiveness;
  •  if the lenses are not brown, brown-eyed people should abandon the model with a smooth gradient - the iris will shine through the unpainted areas (although often it looks very beautiful);
  •  the more shades in the manufacturer's line, the easier it is to choose the most discreet, natural replacement for your own eye color.

There are a few more nuances color contacts for dark eyes

For example, to make the image dramatic and spectacular, you can choose lenses with a diameter slightly larger than the aperture. Also, in the pupillary zone, all contact means of correction have a small bright area. When looking from object to object, it shifts, and a dark iris becomes noticeable. This does not impair the quality of vision, but it can “give out” color correction. When buying lenses of different colors, each pair needs its own container - and they should look different.

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