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Сolor contact lenses

Do you have green, blue or brown eyes? You can with the extension that your eyes become rich green or even black. Dreaming of an unforgettable sight? Just use colored lenses and you will get an amazing effect! Changing the color of the eyes does not require surgical intervention, it is enough to purchase colored contact lenses of the desired color or pattern.

What are color contacts ?

Colored contact lenses are soft lenses that are worn by both people with visual impairments and those who see well. There are various options for colored lenses, namely: corrective contact lenses with established improvement in the correction of a visual defect, as well as the so-called "zero" contact lenses for those who do not have vision problems. Colored contact lenses can be worn throughout the day just like any other lenses. They correct vision and change the color of the cornea. With the help of colored patterned contact lenses, you can easily transform your eyes, for example, on the occasion of a party, wedding or photo shoot.
Color zero contact lenses are cosmetic contact lenses that are not suitable for vision correction. They are obtained only from an aesthetic point of view.

For whom are color contact lens recommended?

Colored contact lenses are used by those who want to give the mind a degree or want the color of the eyes to be intense and interesting. Colored contact lenses of unusual colors and patterns deserve special attention. They appear mainly in young people during parties. Many actors need to use colored lenses as required by the script.

Why use color contact?

Colored contact lenses can be used in the same way as corrective lenses, allowing you to correct the result. They regulate the natural color of the iris. In this way, blue, green or brown eyes can be induced. Colored contact lenses, also known as Wild Eyes, are printed lenses that change the look of your eyes. In this series, for example, cat-eye lenses. An interesting offer can be lenses with unusual colors for the eyes - white, red, gold and black. If the colored lens has a subtle tint, it is used to bring out and feel the existing color of the iris, giving it a color highlight. Colored lenses have a coating that changes the natural color of the wearer's eyes. It is necessary to monitor the condition of colored contact lenses: carefully monitor the solutions and monitor the condition of the vessels. In optics stores, you can find one-day colored lenses that have a long shelf life.

Buy color contact lenses online

Buy a car to match the color of my eyes” - there is a legend that colored contact lenses were invented by a man, exhausted by the whims of his beautiful wife: it is cheaper to change the color of your eyes than to buy the right case for them. This, of course, was invented by vindictive men who do not understand the desire of women to look stunning.
     Although now color optics is also of interest to men. They realized that women can be conquered with one glance, and if it is still heavenly or velvet black, then success is guaranteed. But seriously, contact lenses, namely soft and colored ones, were presented to the world for mass production by Samuel Loshaek, he was born in Ukraine and worked in the USA.

Eye color contacts

     The choice of lenses that can change the color of the eyes is huge. How do they work? The natural color of the iris is covered by a lens with the selected color, but a colorless zone remains opposite the pupil. Manufacturers have also taken care of vision correction - there are colored lenses with diopters. Decorative (zero) do not have optical power.

     All color contacts lenses can be divided into 3 types:

  • 1. Colored. Needed by those who want to completely change the color of the eyes. High-quality lenses have a natural cornea pattern that is indistinguishable from the real eye.
  • 2. Toning. For those who do not dare to radical changes, but want to emphasize and emphasize the beauty of their eyes. Translucent lenses give your eyes depth and expressiveness.
  • 3. Carnival. For all the crazy - the brave and who love to shock others. Do you want neon colors, "cat's eye" or dollars in the eyes?

 It's really that simple? Undoubtedly! Our online store has everything:

  1. individual selection according to diopters, material, recommendations of ophthalmologists;
  2. You can’t buy high-quality colored lenses cheaply, it’s not safe;
  3. proper use with the selection of all related care and storage products.

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