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Black contacts


Black has always been considered the color of leadership qualities and decisiveness in action. Many works have been written about black eyes, including love ones. However, it is not necessary to have rare genes to be a happy owner of black eyes. You can purchase black lenses and wear them not only for the holidays, but also in everyday life.

Contact colored lenses in black color make a splash! Such a change in appearance will not please only the bosses at work. In addition, scleral lenses cover the entire shell of the eye, creating the effect of emptiness. Black color will surprise not only your friends and relatives, but also ordinary passers-by and participants of any festival.

You can choose any pattern you like, which, together with "empty" eyes, will look ominous at any festival or holiday, for example, Halloween. Thanks to modern technology, black lenses do not harm anyone's health and are completely safe to wear for a long time.

Thanks to the amazing properties of black, you do not have to match lenses to your iris, as it overlaps all other colors. Using a selective fill will achieve an amazing effect. For example, you can change the color of your eyes only on the iris, leaving the protein. Also, you can pick up special lenses for themed festivals. The use of advanced technologies allows you to achieve any desired effect.

Black lenses are a product that does not lose popularity, because with their help the sclera can look unique. Optical accessories are available to everyone - create an image for a photo shoot, dates, theme parties. Colored contact lenses are always eye-catching, so they are not taken for vision or to improve vision. Products sold worldwide are offered by different manufacturers and may differ in appearance.

Buy black contacts lenses


Buying black lenses is for people who love attention, self-confident. The scleral type of products is allowed for almost everyone, if there are no individual contraindications. Sensitivity is not a reason to refuse such a supplement.

Lenses for black eyes are made of quality materials,
which provides the following:

  •  excellent decorative effect;
  •  nothing interferes with the pupil;
  •  does not create dryness;
  •  softness of the product;
  •  Can be worn all day long.

Non prescription black contacts can also have optical qualities, the wearing period depends on the manufacturer and can reach 12 months. Recommendations when choosing Black contact lenses, it is desirable to select at your own discretion, the site is sorted according to the purpose. The color differs in the level of expression and can fully cover the colored part of the eyes or create a shade.

Our online store sells products from trusted brands, the presence of several layers of dyes allows you to get the necessary depth and saturation. Black color will suit everyone, including if the natural color is very dark. You can buy products with a pure black color, various shades or patterns, it all depends on your preferences.

 Color features:

  • black lenses look perfect with dark hair color;
  •  with light skin and hair, they allow you to stand out from the crowd as much as possible;
  •  brightness, outrageousness are provided, vivid images are formed;
  •  with a soft dark color of the lenses, you can give the face expressiveness and charm.

The price is indicated for all positions, the presented models are designed so that the painted part does not touch the eyes. Black lenses - product prices Each client will find a list of options with us, the price is affected by the availability of diopters, purpose of use, materials, additional layers and duration of application. Black lenses can be ordered online and delivered promptly. We offer quality products and create your own unique style.

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