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Colored contacts for light eyes

Changing the image - hair color, makeup sometimes requires a change in the color of the iris. Colored contact lenses will very simply help you look harmonious in a new look or, conversely, attract attention by accentuating your eyes. A blonde with brown eyes or a brunette with blue eyes is a very winning combination, which is rare in nature. Fair-haired people tend to have lighter eyes. You can change it with colored lenses.

All types are suitable for light eyes:

  • tinted lenses that allow you to shade, emphasize the natural color;
  • painted with a dense tone that allows you to radically change the eyes.

Tinted lenses cannot completely mask their own color, but you can achieve an interesting effect by applying lenses of a different color. Lenses can have several tones (1-, 2-, 3-tone). Their use diversifies light eyes, making the look soft or cold. A novelty in the world of optics - beauty lenses that make the eyes shining, shiny. Such lenses help to make the face younger by 5-10 years.

Stylists advise choosing colored lenses for light eyes that are a few shades darker or a color that matches the tone of hair and skin. For example, blue, turquoise, purple colored lenses are suitable for gray eyes. They look most harmonious with light brown, ashy, wheaten hair and fair skin.

Color lenses look beautiful on light eyes:

  • cornflower blue;
  • nutmeg;
  • blue
  • green;
  • gray.

Different density of pigment, varied pattern make the eyes more expressive. For those who like contrasts, you can use contact lenses:

  • blue
  • dark green;
  • emerald;
  • black;
  • Brown.

Today, baby-eyes are back in fashion. To create them, lenses are used, the diameter of which is larger than the own cornea. Such models are worn by many stars - Paris Hilton, Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian.

To choose the color of the lenses for light eyes, you can use a special computer program. It is worth entering your photo and clicking on the selected color, as your face will appear on the screen with a new eye color. So you can pre-create the desired image.

Where can I buy contacts for light eyes ?

A large selection of tinted, colored and theatrical lenses can be found on the ELITE Lens online store website. Colored lenses are not just an accessory, like a handbag, brooch or hairpin. Poor quality lenses can cause irreparable damage to the eyes. Therefore, you need to buy them only from a trusted seller.

All products in the ELITE Lens store meet international quality and safety standards. You can buy colored lenses with just one click, and the order will instantly go to any corner of the world. Ordering lenses from ELITE Lens is not only safe, but also profitable.

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