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With the help of colored lenses with the effect of enlargement of the eyes, you can not only change the color of the eyes, but also with the use of colored contact lenses that enlarge the eyes, you can get the effect of large, bright, expressive eyes that will undoubtedly attract attention.

What is the effect of colored lenses for eye enlargement based on?
Firstly, such colored lenses have a larger size compared to other lenses, a diameter of 15 mm.

Secondly, it is a dark rim or border along the edge of the lens that extends beyond the border of the iris, thereby creating the impression of large and expressive eyes.

The LIMBAL RING series is characterized by the following features:

  •  it is intended for application within a year;
  •  products have the smallest dark blotches around the pupillary area;
  •  a thin black line runs along the outer circumference of the iris;
  • the eye looks natural, but more clearly.

Colored lens sizes:

  •  Diameter 14.5 mm - provides a "doll-eye effect", noticeable to most people around.
  •  Diameter 15.0mm - Anime look with extra big eyes.

It is not for nothing that in Japanese anime, the experiences and character of the hero are conveyed by the size of his eyes. The size of the iris really affects the perception of a person, associating large eyes with the eyes of a child.

However, when making a purchase for the first time, you should not immediately choose the lenses of the largest diameter that magnify the eyes, the difference can be too colossal, which will make the cute effect of "doll eyes" the effect of "alien" eyes. This is more true for colored lenses in dark shades, but it is still recommended to start with at least the average diameter of large lenses.

Ordinary colored lenses and Korean lenses. Do not forget that the diameters of Korean lenses are significantly different from the diameters of ordinary colored lenses of European brands. Let's take, for example, one of the world's most popular brands of contact lenses - Freshlook, the manufacturer indicates a diameter of 14.5 mm - and this is the diameter of the entire surface of the lens, including not only the design, but also its transparent shell. Thus, the pattern of ordinary colored lenses for the eyes is about 13.8 mm, where, unlike lenses that enlarge the eyes, the diameter of the pattern is the diameter of the entire surface of the lens, which means that Korean colored lenses with a diameter of even 14-14.2 mm will visually increase your eyes!
Magnifying lenses are originally from South Korea and since 2004 they have been popular in countries such as Japan, Taiwan and China. Large lenses are very popular mainly among teenagers and young people, many of them consider them a fashion accessory and not a medical product. Although, like ordinary colored contact lenses for the eyes, they are designed not only for beauty, but also for vision correction (myopia).
Colored magnifying lenses

Korean lenses not only visually enlarge the eyes, they can drastically change your eye color, even if it is very dark. Colored lenses for brown eyes or black lenses for light eyes, the range is so large that you can really "lose your head" when choosing.

In the world, Korean lenses for enlarging eyes have been known relatively recently. Our online store ELITE Lens is one of the first to specialize in selling Korean large lenses since June 2011. During this time, we are trusted not by hundreds, but by thousands of customers, most of whom return to us again and again! Our consultants are always ready to help you with the choice if you are in doubt, and additional reviews and real photos in magnifying lenses can be found not only on the site.

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