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Blue contacts

Colored blue are a great way to add femininity and romanticism to your look. It has long been known that 90% of a person's attention during communication is focused on the eyes of the interlocutor. Now remember how many great poets and composers dedicated their works to blue-eyed or blue-eyed women.

Tinted and colored lenses are able to correct vision no worse than their transparent counterparts. And if you are a happy owner of excellent vision, lenses without diopters (PLANO) will suit you.

Brilliant blue contacts

Natural and realistic look of blue eyes looks with light skin of the face. For girls and women with dark skin, we would recommend dark blue shades. Shade models can be used if you have a light natural eye color. If by nature you have dark eyes, then it is better to purchase colored overlapping models.

Only a small percentage of the inhabitants of our planet have a blue tint of the iris. People are ready to give a lot for bright, expressive eyes. Modern blue lenses allow you to change your natural color to whatever you want. The range includes both everyday and festive models. The parameters of the pupils, the ultraviolet filter can be chosen independently.

Colored lenses are thicker. With their help, even the most saturated brown turns into sky blue. Lens versatility Advanced blue eye lenses can be worn all day without feeling tired. Hypoallergenic materials are used in production. When worn, the lenses do not dry the mucosa. Also in the catalog there are options for vision correction. Due to the thin structure, the lenses pass oxygen and are practically not felt.

 Classification of blue contacts lenses

The first criterion to consider when buying is the function of the blue lenses. There are: Decorative. Designed only to change the color of the iris. Diopter. Helps correct vision and change tone. The second criterion is saturation: Tinted lenses. Produced on a hydrogel basis. Lightweight and weightless in structure. Increase brightness and accentuate the natural color of the iris. It turns out more exotic shade. Colored. Made from multiple layers. The result is a richer pigment. Able to cover a deep brown shade. In salons and shops, a wide variety of cool shades are presented: from delicate, slightly bluish to bright blue, turning into purple. It should be borne in mind that each eye is individual, and the lenses on them can cast a different shade.

Cost Prices of lenses vary depending on: Functional purpose;

  • material basis;
  • operational period;
  • Saturation (number of layers).

Blue colored lenses with diopters are more expensive. The maximum period of wearing one pair is 6 months.

Buy blue contacts non prescription

 In our store you can choose the parameters, shade and UV filter for the lenses yourself. We carry out delivery throughout Russia. Cash and non-cash payment is available. The lenses come with recommendations for safe wearing. It doesn't take much effort to change your appearance. Become the owner of a piercing blue look right now. To buy blue lenses

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