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Colored contact lenses - How to choose the color of your lenses.

Colored contact lenses for the eyes are a great solution when you want to change your image or create a special look. Tinted contact lenses will help to slightly change the color of the iris, and lenses with a dense coating will completely change the color of the eyes.Our catalog contains only original products, all products are 100% safe for the eyes. You can order colored lenses in an online store with delivery or buy them by visiting one of more than 200 optics stores throughout Russia.

How to choose colored contact lenses?

Before ordering, you must consult with an ophthalmologist. It is important to choose the right curvature, wearing mode and other parameters. This will avoid discomfort and unwanted consequences .Lenses can be prescription or decorative. Colored prescription contact lenses are used not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for vision correction. The second (without diopters) - simply change the color to the desired one.

There are several types of colored lenses:

Colored contact lenses are an opportunity to brighten up your image, experiment with your appearance or reduce the hype at a themed event.

Types of contact colored lenses:
You can use multiple lenses. They can be with or without a corrective effect. According to the degree of change in eye color, one can distinguish:
- Tint colored contact lenses. This type of subtle perception, with this lens, is recognized, its color is almost not felt when perceived. Suitable for own iris or close to it, only for bright eyes.
- The beauty of contact colored lenses. They do not change color, but give shine and radiance, attract attention. Suitable for any eye color.
- Colored contact lenses. With a rich pigment that can completely hide the natural color. The color of the lens is distributed over the matrix in such a way as to bring the pattern of the iris closer to the most natural and not disturb color perception. Drops out for dark and for light eyes. The center is transparent, you will not notice the pattern of the lens.
- Contact lenses carnival color. The only view that is not included for customization. They can be painted in any color, often imitate the eyes of animals, replace the shape of the pupil. Produced from a sufficient amount of dense materials, it is not recommended for frequent and prolonged wear.

Choice of options
When choosing colored contact lenses, consider:
- How many hours a day and how often will you wear them.
- What effect should be received.
Whether you need vision correction or not before accumulating resources with an ophthalmologist. In addition, optical power, resolution, suspicious conjunctival state give recommendations for tension, recording mode and replacements.

Color selection
- For bright eyes. If you have eyes, then you can experiment with tinted and colored lenses. In the first case, the lenses will enhance their shade or change it quite naturally. You can choose models with a pronounced rim around the perimeter and a gradient color towards the center. This will give color and color.
- For green eyes. All tones and color shades of green, brown are suitable here. From the color you can choose blue, blue, gray.
- For brown eyes. This is the darkest and most saturated color, so the desired effect can only be obtained using color drawings. Shades of color, green, gray, dark blue will look good.
- For blue and gray eyes. The choice is limited by your imagination and preferences. Any type and color will do.

Features of colored  contact lenses:

Some people are afraid to buy colored contact lensesbelieving that they are inferior in quality to classic transparent models. In fact, modern products are absolutely harmless and do not differ from conventional lenses that help correct vision. Quality products for changing eye color has the following characteristics::

- the colored part of the lenses is not in contact with the cornea;
- in terms of elasticity and softness they are not inferior to conventional models;
- have a sufficiently high percentage of breathability;
- able to change the color of the iris of absolutely any color (dark and light);
- The price of colored contact lenses is quite affordable.

Despite the fact that modern lenses are made of breathable material, it is not recommended to wear them for more than 6-8 hours. It should be remembered that in daylight the color rendition of such models reaches a maximum, but at night there is a feeling of "veil". This is explained by the fact that in the dark the pupil begins to expand and goes beyond the boundaries that are provided for it, that is, into the color zone.

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