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Aqua Contacts

An overview of popular aqua lens models Among colored and tinted contact lenses, the “aqua” shade is very popular. Models from different manufacturers may vary in tone from azure to aquamarine, but these lenses always look natural and expressive. In this review, we will talk about several models of contact optics in aqua colored contacts.

Features of aqua contact lenses lenses

Depending on the color of the eyes and the tasks that you want to solve, you can choose colored or tinted lenses "aqua coloured contacts". Their main difference is in the density of staining and in the ability to cover the natural color. Tinted lenses go well with a light iris, emphasizing the expressiveness of its real pattern and tone. Colored ones are opaque and easily cover any color, so you can wear them even on dark eyes.

Tinted, as a rule, are always optical and can correct vision. Among the colored ones, there are models without diopters, which are used only for decorative and cosmetic purposes, suitable even for people with one hundred percent vision.
Manufacturers offer a large selection of both aqua lenses, so finding the right option is not difficult. Let's talk more about several popular models.

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