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Colored contact lenses without lemmal ring

Not all people like their eye color from birth, some find it difficult to choose clothes for it, while others simply care about the uniqueness of their image and want to look more extravagant. Do you recognize yourself? Then you've come to the right place! The ELITE Lens shop of colored lenses offers you a wide selection of cosmetic, decorative and colored contact lenses. With their help, you can not only shade or brighten your natural eye color (contact tinted lenses will help here), but also radically change it to any other, including unnatural for a person.

By purchasing colored lenses without a lembal eye ring, you will get the perfect solution for a carnival, a themed night in a club or a simple friendly party. Just imagine - red vampire eyes, cat pupils with a vertical slit, crosshairs or funny emoticons - now nothing is impossible for you! By ordering colored lenses without a lembal ring, you will become the center of attention at any party! At the same time, it is not necessary to have poor eyesight to wear such lenses.
From ordinary transparent contact lenses, colored ones differ only in the presence of a certain pattern that is applied inside the lens and you should not be afraid of the paint coming into contact with the cornea of ​​​​the eyes. Thus, having bought colored contact lenses, you can not worry about the safety of your eyes with proper lens care. What's more, some of these lenses offer some degree of protection from harmful UV rays.

If the above rules seem rather complicated to you, then you can order one-day colored contact lenses in the ELITE Lens store. These lenses are easy and convenient to use, especially if you need them for a specific event, such as a Halloween themed party. Another plus that one-day colored lenses have is the price at which even poor students can buy them.

Buy colored contact lenses without lembal ring

When buying colored contact lenses without a lembal ring in a store, it is best not to take risks with an independent selection of lenses, but to entrust this operation to a professional consultant or ophthalmologist. The thing is that when choosing colored lenses, correct centering is very important - it allows you to match the colored area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe lens and the iris, as well as between the eye pupil and the pupil of the lens. If this is neglected, the desired cosmetic effect will not be as strong, and vision in the wrong lenses may not be sharp enough or even blurry. Be sure that when visiting one of our optics salons, our specialists will provide you with comprehensive qualified assistance in the selection of colored lenses and you will achieve exactly the cosmetic effect that you need.

Girls should be especially careful when using colored contact lenses along with cosmetics (for example, mascara). Mascara must be specifically marked on the packaging stating that it is suitable for use with lenses and has passed all the necessary ophthalmological control measures.

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