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Prescription colored contacts

In this section, you can please yourself with a large selection of colored contact lenses with vision correction (more than 60 models) with a wearing period of up to 1 year, as well as find an advantageous option for transparent contact lenses with a wearing period of 6-12 months.

Why is it beneficial? Because usually transparent lenses go for a shorter period of wearing (a week - 3 months), and their cost is the same. Thus, you save several times.

At the end of the catalog you will find prescription clear contact lenses. In addition, our clear lenses have a gold moisture content and an oxygen permeability index of 42, so they will be just as comfortable as standard pharmacy lenses.

Dreaming of correcting the color of your eyes? Then we have a solution to this problem! High-quality, healthy and safe colored lenses will become your best friends. With their help, you can significantly change the shade of your eyes or enhance the natural depth of color, make it more pronounced and saturated. We present only the best models from world famous manufacturers that have already won the sincere love and trust of professional doctors and ordinary patients. Note that ordering colored lenses is very simple - select the desired model in this catalog, dial our phone number and complete the order. You can order goods with delivery from us, transportation will take only a few days. Colored lenses will fully justify the hopes placed on them and you can make your image truly unforgettable!

Colored prescription contacts

Colored lenses can be purchased by patients who need vision correction, and people who just want to change their appearance. In the manufacture of the presented models, modern unique technologies are used, which open up a wide field of possibilities for you. Now you can change the color of even dark brown eyes. Colored lenses are able to preserve the natural depth of view.

Among the main properties of our products, special attention should be paid to the following points:

  • very thin design and high moisture content make wearing colored contact lenses comfortable;
  • lenses that change the color of the eyes are endowed with excellent indicators of oxygen transmission to the cornea;
  • models will provide you with excellent protection and complete safety for health throughout the entire period of operation.

Daily lenses that change eye color

If you want to be bold and want to change the color of your eyes daily, try daily replacement lenses. You can wear such models only from time to time and significantly save on care products. In this section, you can choose the right diopters of contact lenses and buy them at an affordable price. Thanks to the high oxygen permeability and slim design, you will quickly get used to the model. That is why such products are perfect even for people who have never used lenses before. We have a wide range of colored lenses in Kyiv, so you will definitely find something for yourself here. With the help of such bright elements, you can improve your image, make it noticeable and memorable. If you are just thinking about where you can buy colored lenses inexpensively, then contact us as soon as possible. We will definitely find the perfect solution for you!

Prescription colored contact lenses

Afraid not to find lenses for your minus? Well, we don't have plus lenses (to correct farsightedness), but we do have one of the largest options for minus diopters (to correct nearsightedness or myopia): from 0 to -7 in 0.5 increments.

Possible diopters and their step are indicated in the parameter "Diopters (OD, OS)" next to the product photo or below it.

Our vision lenses are certified!

Certificates apply to all products, not only to colored contact lenses with diopters, but also to natural (cosmetic) lenses, carnival lenses, puppet (enlarging) lenses. We mix prescription lenses for free
But these are not all our advantages. With us you can mix a pair of lenses from different prescriptions and pay only for one pair, not for two different ones.

To do this, simply indicate the required diopters in the comments to the order, if they are in the list of parameters of this product.

In addition, we have the simplest payment system (you can pay via Google / Apple Pay and do not enter card details, which is often too lazy to look for), fast dispatch (next day except weekends) and fast delivery

An important nuance!

There is a very important nuance in buying contact lenses for vision correction: you need to know all your parameters and check your vision with an ophthalmologist, in an ideal situation, get a prescription for lenses from him. Without this, unfortunately, it is impossible to choose and buy lenses with diopters correctly.  We also recommend that you check with the ophthalmologist the possibility of wearing contact lenses with diopters, as in rare cases, clients may have increased eye sensitivity and the lenses in this case may cause discomfort.

If you have a prescription contacts or the result of a hardware test of your vision, then you need to pay attention to the following parameters: your diopter (sph), cylinder (cyl) and radius of curvature (BC / R / R1, or maybe not specified). The radius of curvature of our lenses ranges from 8.6 to 8.9 mm, the exact figure is indicated in the description of each product.
Usually most buyers (90%) have a standard curvature of 8.6, but sometimes it can differ, it is very important to know that lenses with diopters sit comfortably on the eyeball.
If in your prescription the “cyl” index has a figure from -2.5D, then in addition to standard lenses with diopters, you will need to choose lenses for astigmatism correction in specialized optics. It is very important that your vision does not deteriorate.



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