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Green contacts

Want to order green lenses? We understand you! This is a rare shade, and many owners of eyes of a different color want to try on this unusual and beautiful color. And you have such an opportunity!

Colored eye lenses provide many benefits and conveniences. Best of all, they are suitable for both people with visual impairments and allow you to correct farsightedness or nearsightedness, as well as take you to a new level of comfort. And also owners of 100% vision can wear lenses, just to change the image and try on something new. Green eyes will instantly turn you into a mysterious fatal beauty, they will suit brunettes, blondes, and redheads.

Where to buy green contacts lenses ?

It is convenient to buy such products online. Our online store specializes in the sale of colored lenses and offers its customers a lot of opportunities and advantages:

Big choice. Here you can buy green lenses without diopters, for a photo shoot, vacation, work, dates or just when you want something new and unusual. The catalog contains bright green lenses, light green, dark, with different decorative effects, suitable for women and men, so that everyone can find the right solution for themselves. In order to choose green lenses with diopters, you can seek help from consultants.
We offer green lenses from leading Korean manufacturers, we carefully select suppliers to ensure high quality and affordable prices. Innovative manufacturing materials, proven technologies, different levels of moisture content, complete set (pair of lenses + container) - you will be satisfied with the purchase.
Buying from us is convenient. For each model of the catalog, complete information and characteristics are provided, we quickly complete the order, accept all forms of payment, deliver the purchase in a convenient way for you: by courier, mail, transport services.

Why do people choose green colored lenses?

The days when corrective contact lenses were treated with caution and thought to be uncomfortable or even damaging to the eyes are long gone. Today, people with even minor visual impairments choose contact lenses to feel confident in any situation. Special astigmatic lenses have also become widespread, which can easily cope with this complex disorder of the visual organ. In this regard, the popularity of colored contact lenses looks quite appropriate. Perhaps someone has always dreamed of a different eye color - so why not use this opportunity if it is simple, convenient and safe.

Green-eyed people have always been considered somewhat mysterious, dedicated to special spiritual realms. The fact that green eye color is so rare in itself makes it a tidbit for those with a more traditionally colored iris. Like corrective lenses, green colored lenses can be:


  • two-week replacement;
  • monthly replacement.

Daily lenses are definitely very convenient. But if you want to keep your new eye color for a long time, it is better to choose lenses for a planned replacement. There is nothing difficult in caring for them. If you are interested in trying several colors at once, there are sets of colored lenses for this. In them you will find not only different shades of green, but also other rare colors - violet, honey or, for example, chocolate.®

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