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Halloween contacts

Getting ready for Halloween, carnival or just a party? Don't forget about "crazy" contact lenses that will help you impress others! Few of us are not familiar with such a popular holiday in many parts of the world as Halloween. It is celebrated annually on October 31, and in Russia every year more and more people are waiting for this date to feel the special, almost mystical atmosphere that Halloween, which has its roots in the deep Middle Ages, gives.
Halloween is the time for extravagant images

Few other holidays are associated with such a range of emotions as this one. The mystical component of Halloween is capable of causing people, in addition to fun and delight, awe, fear and even horror, which intrigues its participants even more, takes their breath away and gives those contests and entertainment that are held in connection with this day a special attraction.

What do you like more: creepy stories or funny pranks on friends? All this fits well with the Halloween format. However, how bright it will be in every sense, largely depends on the choice of the appropriate surroundings, an important component of which are contact lenses.

Since Halloween, like carnival, is designed to give strong and unexpected emotions and impressions, it would be most appropriate to wear truly “crazy” contact lenses on this day, which have the corresponding name: Crazy. Their main feature is the presence of a pattern, thanks to which the eyes acquire a funny, unusual, and sometimes creepy look. Here are just some of the options for such a pattern: red, white or bloody iris, black pupils-stars, "flame", "cat's eye" of various colors.

Examples of available halloween contact lenses on our website

There is no shortage of Crazy lenses. Let's take a few popular brands as an example. ELITE Lens Crazy contact lenses can add fun and daring to any party. After the user wears these lenses, their look becomes funny or surprising, and sometimes shocking. In appropriate cases, such lenses are sure to change the mood of others for the better. With these lenses, you can get the look of a predator or give your eyes an accentuated bright color, such as red, pink, lemon, white.

If we continue talking about the ELITE Lens trademark, then Neon contact lenses are also produced under it, in which the eyes, when hit by ultraviolet rays, begin to glow with a bright color resembling a neon glow. Thus, if you are going to use Neon in rooms where there is lighting containing ultraviolet, then you can be sure that you will make the most vivid impression on those around you.

Where to buy contact lenses for Halloween

Hera Carnival contact lenses will also help you successfully join the Halloween celebration. These Crazy lenses are available in flame, white eye, black eye, wolf red eye, cat eye and more. your own unique look. Hera Carnival contact lenses are specially designed for extraordinary personalities who like to experiment with their appearance. A good addition to them can be Hera Ultraviolet contact lenses, in which the eyes begin to glow when ultraviolet enters them, giving expressiveness and expression to the look and appearance of the user.

What are colored contact lenses for Halloween

There are several types of decorative lenses:

  • Tinted lenses, the task of which is to influence the color of the iris of the eye. When they are installed, the iris becomes close to the natural color, but much more juicy and attractive shade.
  •  Colored carnival lenses that can radically change the color of the eyes and give them a special, "unearthly" glow. With their help, in no time you can become the owner of not only unusually beautiful green and blue eyes, but also surprise others with an iris of rich red or purple color.
  •  Scleral lenses, having the largest size. They cover the iris and most of the eyeball, creating the effect of unnaturally large eyes. Such lenses allow you to completely paint the eyes in black or white, which gives the face a rather creepy, otherworldly look. The imagination of manufacturers is not limited to this. A variety of drawings are applied to the sclera. The most popular patterns today are cat pupils, hearts, emoticons.
  •  Neon. Glow in the dark lenses are a godsend for dimly lit entertainment. Showing up on the dance floor or at a Halloween party is considered the norm in youth circles.
  •  Carnival lenses with diopters. Two services will serve their owner - they will correct visual acuity and, at the same time, help to loudly declare themselves.

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