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Cosplay is the most popular hobby of young people, it consists in creating an image and acting out the character, habits and plasticity of any of the characters in comics, literary works, manga, anime, etc. One of the indispensable elements that allow you to make a successful reincarnation are colored contact lenses.

In recent years, such an unusual type of hobby as cosplay is gaining popularity all over the world. The term is formed from two English words and literally translated as "costume game". In fact, this is a kind of masquerade carnival, where fans of anime, comics, video games or even rock bands dress up as their favorite characters or show business stars.

There is a misconception that cosplay came to us from Japan. In fact, it first appeared in the United States of America, and it was the Japanese who promoted it to the masses. However, today the "dressing game" often involves the demonstration of costumes in the Japanese style and surroundings.

Maximum likeness to the character

The main task of cosplaying participants is to accurately recreate the image of their favorite hero. Therefore, great attention is paid to every smallest detail of the costume and make-up. As a rule, one of the striking features of Asian manga and anime is the presence of extraordinary pupils in characters. Moreover, they can be either simply expanded or narrowed, or multi-colored.

Many heroes of modern Japanese cartoons boast eyes in which you can see characters or entire pictorial compositions. In Asian countries, the production of accessories and costumes for cosplay has been put on stream and turned into a real powerful industry. In the countries of the post-Soviet space, the movement of cosplayers cannot yet be called mass.

However, our players have certain achievements. In any case, we have enough enthusiasts in this area. Especially for them, colored lenses for cosplay were developed.

Suit contact lenses available :

  • aqua costume contacts
  • black costume contacts
  • blue costume contacts
  • brown costume contacts
  • chocolate costume contacts
  • Green costume contacts
  • gray costume contacts
  • orange costume contacts
  • pink costume contacts
  • purple costume contacts
  • red costume contacts
  • white costume contacts
  • yellow costume contacts
  • halloween costume contacts

Change your look in seconds with costume colored contacts

I must say that even if you are not an ardent fan of the world of hand-drawn pictures, carnival optical overlays will be a real discovery for you. An incredibly huge range of modern lenses provides a unique opportunity to radically change your appearance in an instant. No wonder they say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul.

After all, changes in the shape and color of the pupils really work wonders. Wearing multi-colored cosplay lenses, you will not only change or enhance your natural eye color, but also transform beyond recognition. For some people, such metamorphosis helps to become better, radically changing the existing way of life and finding new activities and hobbies.

Features of the use of costume contacts

Today, many eminent ophthalmic brands produce cosplay lenses that have various patterns and imitate the eyes of completely unthinkable creatures. It can be, for example, the pupils of a vampire, a werewolf or a cat's, dragon's eyes. There are products with images, cobwebs, a dollar sign, soccer balls, crowns, emoticons, radioactive symbols, etc. In this industry, the scope of the imagination of designers is not limited by anything.

Many people are interested in how safe the operation of multi-colored optical overlays is. The fact is that initially such lenses were designed for make-up of film and theater actors. All the mega-stars of the film industry had to try on such products in order to create the desired image in the frame without the use of expensive computer special effects.

For this reason, the quality of the material is given increased attention. Carnival lenses are made from completely safe polymacon with the addition of high-tech hydrogel. This combination of components does not harm the eyes, and does not cause allergic reactions.

When using lenses, you should follow some simple rules:

  • When wearing the products for the first time, first try to get used to them a little before going out to a party or photo shoot;
  • Experts recommend not wearing lenses for more than 10 hours in a row. The eyes will need a short rest;
  • Especially for devices of this type, caring solutions, drops and even storage containers are produced. After removing the lenses, carefully place them in the moisturizing disinfectant reservoir.
  • Following these tips will help you get only positive emotions from using cosplay lenses.


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