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Cosplay Contacts

To create an interesting and memorable look, cosplay contact colored lenses are perfect. This accessory will give your eyes a completely new look. You can not just change the usual eye color to bright and non-standard, but choose lenses with a certain pattern.

Assortment of Crazy carnival lenses in our online store
An extensive selection of lenses in colors and styles will help you find the right fit for your look. They are suitable for any themed events, Halloween parties or corporate events, creating colorful cosplay of different characters, and these lenses will also be appropriate in tandem with traditional clothing in a nightclub or at a party. In our catalog there are different types of ELITE Lens carnival lenses:
- colored (gray, blue, yellow, red, purple, black, etc.);
- tinted and scleral (with different patterns).

In stock cosplay contact :

  • red cosplay contacts
  • white cosplay contacts
  • blue cosplay contacts
  • green cosplay contacts
  • gray cosplay contacts
  • pink cosplay contacts
  • purple cosplay contacts
  • yellow cosplay contacts
  • anime cosplay contacts
  • black cosplay contacts
  • brown cosplay contacts
  • cosplay prescription contacts

Features and benefits of cosplay contact lenses

We offer customers to buy high-quality and safe carnival lenses at competitive prices. In addition to diversity, ELITE Lens lenses have other advantages compared to analogues:
- environmental friendliness (subject to the rules of storage and hygiene, it is possible to completely exclude infections or irritation in the eye);
- ultra-thin (they are thin, soft and not felt on the eyes even when worn throughout the day).
They do not have diopters and therefore you can buy the chosen model without doctor's recommendations. You can store them for 1 year from the moment you open the package.
Treat yourself and surprise others with an unusual decorative accessory, contact us and buy carnival lenses in our online store at affordable prices!

Cosplay eye contacts  for Halloween Party

At first, carnival lenses were used in film studios to create the image of witches, aliens, vampires, werewolves, fairy-tale characters, zombies, etc. However, subsequently their popularity quickly increased. They became available for general sale. Decorative lenses will perfectly emphasize a carnival costume (hence the second name), will serve as an original addition to the dress code at a youth party and will undoubtedly produce an enchanting effect on your friends.

Best cosplay contacts with the image of anime, cartoons, aimed at teenage and youth audiences are very popular. They allow the supporters of this genre to imitate their hero, to feel some mystery. But carnival lenses are most in demand during Halloween and New Year holidays, because this is the period when you want to look non-standard, spectacular, enchanting. Carnival lenses are ideal for bringing your vision to reality. For example, a catwoman chooses "cat's eye" lenses, and representatives of the dark forces - "fire". Some may not agree to such an adventure, they say, the lenses will be uncomfortable to wear on the eye. It must be admitted that there is some sense in this, because carnival lenses, unlike ordinary colored and many decorative lenses, really do not allow the eyes to fully “breathe” due to their low ability to pass oxygen. But, despite the limited oxygen permeability, within a short time (2-3 hours) these products will be completely safe even for beginners. However, we should not forget about the risks associated with long-term use of carnival lenses, so be careful and watch the time! Of course, the eye of each person is individual, so the approach should be appropriate. When purchasing either carnival or even corrective lenses, you need to take into account the characteristics of your eyes, so before you buy them, it is better to consult an ophthalmologist.

Today it is no secret that various dyes are used in the manufacture of carnival lenses, sometimes of poor quality, so choose trusted and tested brands from well-known companies. Many people think that these lenses do not require special care. This is a delusion, because the lenses are on the conjunctiva of the eyes and no one has canceled the accumulation of various deposits (lipid, fungal, infectious). Therefore, although minimal, but still care is necessary. Plus, you need to remember that carnival lenses do not have peripheral vision, which significantly impairs adaptation in space and makes driving a car unsafe.

If you are a bright, non-standard personality, then these lenses are for you. Carnival lenses are suitable only for those who are not afraid to attract attention and stand out from the crowd, who like to change their image and pay attention to all the details.

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