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UV contact lenses

Glow in the dark lenses have become a real trend. Such an accessory can be used not only for vision correction, but also to make a bright accent on it in your image. Some colored contact lenses are often called carnival or club contact lenses, because they are more appropriate at various parties, discos or holidays like Halloween or New Year.

Do they really glow?

Glow, but not all. Neon carnival lenses for eyes ELITE Lens Neon during the day differ only in a bright color and enhance the expressiveness of the look. When exposed to UV rays, they begin to glow in the dark. This effect is manifested through the use of a fluorescent pigment, the particles of which are capable of reflecting ultraviolet light. ELITE Lens Neon are designed for 12 months.

You can buy lenses that glow in the dark in 6 shades:

  • green 
  • white 
  • blue 
  • violet 
  • pink 
  • lemon

Thus, they can be chosen for any outfit. The lenses are made of high quality Polymacon soft material that allows enough oxygen to pass through to the cornea. The fluorescent pigment is applied in three layers, due to which the brightness of the glow is maintained throughout the entire period of their operation.

For parties, Halloween, New Year and other holidays, it is appropriate to use any shades. Completely white color will complete a frightening image that can scare and surprise. Pink and purple shades perfectly emphasize femininity. Since ELITE Lens Neon products are designed for one quarter, they can be purchased for Halloween, and then used for any of the New Year holidays.

Who are glow-in-the-dark contact lenses for?

Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of contact lenses, the use of which allows you to change your appearance and create a unique style. Optical products are able to partially or completely change the natural color of the eyes, there are multi-colored models with drawings on the product.

Glow in the dark lenses are popular around Halloween. This accessory is able to complete the mystical image. Also, anime fans and cosplayers, whose favorite pastime is to completely transform into their favorite characters, will appreciate the optical products.

People who love to party in clubs prefer to buy carnival models in acidic and very saturated colors. It must be borne in mind that luminous lenses for the eyes will not manifest themselves in complete darkness. The glow effect will appear only when exposed to UV or spotlights.

How safe are these products?
By purchasing decorative accessories in carnival lens stores and other specialized places, you can not worry about the negative consequences. The pigment is laminated on both sides of the product, so it has absolutely no contact with the structure of the eye. This method of applying fluorescent paint eliminates the possibility of allergic reactions or staining of the cornea.

It is recommended to buy decorative lenses with diopters that glow in the dark, provided that you follow the rules of hygiene and follow the manufacturer's advice on wearing and replacing the product. Neon lenses are truly captivating and eye-catching. Wearing such models allows you to shock the audience or create a bright, memorable image.

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