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Colored prescription contact lenses

Colored lenses with diopters are a type of contact optics that help in correcting visual impairments and at the same time can change the natural color of the iris. You will see well and look great. Like transparent contact lenses, colored lenses with diopters can correct nearsightedness or farsightedness, provide correct focusing and high clarity of perception of the world around you.

At the same time, color models differ from transparent optical lenses in the presence of a coloring component, which gives the product a certain tone, forms a pattern resembling an iris. The intensity of tinting in colored lenses is very high, due to which the color of the eyes is bright and saturated. But at the same time, such coloring makes the optical product almost completely opaque (the exception is the pupil area). Colored lenses for eyes with diopters can have blue, blue, brown, yellow, purple and any other shade. With their help, you can radically change your natural eye color to the one you have long dreamed of.

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What colors are available for prescription contact lenses?

  • Brown
  • Light Brown (Pure Hazel)
  • Light brown (Choco)
  • Tan (Honey)
  • Green
  • Green (sea green)
  • Gemstone green
  • Dark green (dark green)
  • Turquoise (Caribbean blue)
  • Blue
  • Blue (pacific blue)
  • Brilliant blue
  • Light blue (ocean blue)
  • Turquoise (turquoise)
  • Turquoise (tosca)
  • Purple (amethyst)
  • Gray
  • Silver gray (sterling gray)
  • White (pearl)

Due to the opacity of the colored layer, even dark brown eyes can turn into blue or light green. Also, color models are suitable for people who have defects in the iris, an eyesore and similar imperfections.

Colored lenses with diopters have their own characteristics that must be considered when using:

  • they are thicker and denser in structure than transparent ones, so they pass oxygen worse. They are allowed to be worn only in daytime mode;
  • most often, such models are made on the basis of a soft hydrogel with a high moisture content and medium or low oxygen permeability;
  • due to opacity, they can limit the field of view, so you should not use them while driving.

Prescription colored contact lenses are a versatile option that even those with sensitive eyes can use. This is not surprising, because they are made from proven materials. For this reason, they do not cause irritation or dry eyes. In addition to decorative lenses, there are models for vision correction on the modern market.

Prescription colored contact lenses with diopters: how to choose?

Today, the following 3 types of colored lenses with diopters have become widespread:

  • Tint. Colored lenses with diopters have a simple and light structure, consisting of 1 layer, and are made of a special hydrogel. Decent option for eyes of light shades.
  • Colored. Such lenses have a dense structure, as well as a more saturated color, so they are suitable even for brown eyes.
  • Carnival. This type of colored lenses for eyes with diopters is characterized by a wide design variety.

They can change the shape of the pupil, have an unusual color, and so on. If you want to use contact lenses for everyday wear, it is wiser to give preference to tinted or colored options. Our online store offers a wide range of colors.

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