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Colored contact lenses

Colored contact lenses are a surprisingly simple yet effective way to transform your appearance, experiment with looks and make an unforgettable impression on others. Moreover, it will be inexpensive compared to more radical methods of correcting appearance.

How can I choose color contact?

If you have good eyesight and just want to change your eye color, decorative contact lenses are for you. If your visit to the ophthalmologist is not the first and you need vision correction, then you need a prescription when choosing lenses. Today there are colored lenses for the correction of myopia. Toric and multifocal colored lenses are not yet available.

So, how long should the lenses last. Ideal SCL is one-day – no care, minimum complications. If you take it for a longer period, these are silicone hydrogels, they pass oxygen to the eye more, they can be worn longer (for comparison: hydrogels are recommended to be worn up to 8 hours a day). Color corrective lenses are also available for sale for three months and for a year.

If you can cope with the first stage on your own, then with such moments as the radius of curvature and diopter (if necessary), you need the help of a specialist. Color SCLs presented on the Ukrainian market almost all have the same radius of curvature - 8.6. In some models, this is 8.7 (almost the same). This is what is considered to be the standard for European eyes. But in some lenses it is possible to choose a radius of 8.4 and 8.8. This factor is selected by the ophthalmologist, and you can read what he is responsible for in our article “What is the radius of curvature of contact lenses”.

Knowing everything: for how long the lens is needed, from what material, for vision correction (diopters) or not, the radius of curvature, you can move on.

What are the colored lenses?

  • Tinted - if you do not want to drastically change the color of your eyes or just have a desire to emphasize expressiveness or shade the color. These lenses are not densely tinted, they are almost transparent.
  • Color-changing eyes - such SCLs can drastically change brown eyes to blue, blue to green, or vice versa. For such a change of image, it is advisable to try on the desired color in advance, since such a change is not always for the better.
  • Designer - a beautiful iris with a variety of patterns. In such colored contact lenses, the eyes are more lively and natural and attract the eye with their beauty.
  • Carnival lenses - got this name because they are able to complement any carnival look. Theme parties, youth discos, animation images - and this is not a complete list of events where they will come in handy. The variety of colors and designs of carnival lenses (spiral, gossamer, cat's or wolf's eye, flower, star, etc.), presented on our website, will allow you to realize the most demanding requests and help you find the way to self-expression.
  •  Cosmetic - special lenses for people who have a defect in the color of the iris or pupil. They will help to make it not noticeable to others. The same pupil diameter and lens color as a healthy eye is selected. To order cosmetic lenses on the Internet, you must first visit a doctor to select all indicators. The production of lenses is individual and made to order after prepayment.

Are colored lenses harmful?

Like any other SCLs, colored ones will not harm the eyes if you follow the rules of hygiene and lens use:

  • wash hands before putting on or taking off
  • wear the amount of time for which they are designed
  • shoot at night
  • hydrogel wear no more than eight hours a day

That is, colored lenses, just like ordinary ones, require a number of measures related to their care and storage. They should be regularly treated with disinfectant solutions, stored in a special container and changed according to the replacement schedule. Prices for colored SCLs depend on the manufacturer, the period of wearing, but, nevertheless, the cost for them remains acceptable.

You can buy colored contact lenses with worldwide delivery by placing an order in the ELITE Lens online store. Our product catalog represents products of world famous brands. Here you can choose both cosmetic and carnival lenses. Do not be afraid to experiment, follow all the instructions and your eyes will sparkle with new colors! Free worldwide shipping

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