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We are the one of the biggest contact lenses manufacturer, specialized in producing all kinds of contact lenses. And we are the 6th year gold supplier of the contact lenses in all over the world.
Here you can look you our updated catalogue of the contact lenses, we have much more contact lenses styles produced out recently.You can mix any style and any color per your wish.

We sell all major Web contact lenses including Focus, Elite lens, Freshlook, Soflens, Biomedics, My Eye and more. Web guarantees you the lowest price on all contact lenses.

Color contact lenses are immensely popular across the world as they let you experiment with your look. We bring you a vast range of colored contact lenses that provide exceptional color along with helping you make a fashion statement.

The range available with us includes most popular of the colors shades including blue, green, gray contact lenses, aqua, dolly, crazy series colored contact lenses among others.

Made from newly developed Silicone Hydrogel material or Hema which prevents damage to cornea.

Our color contact lenses are remarkably comfort on eye as a result of excellent oxygen permeability.

All our color contacts are manufactured using Lathe Cut and 3 layer color method, which prevents the colors in contact with eyes to ensures safe wearing without any side effects.

Оur biggest advantage over other manufactures – are our quality and price.
We have the 
lowest and reasonable price with excellent quality.

Our production is:

Made on the modern equipment.

Highest quality material used.

All the materials for the manufacture are pre-tested in the laboratories.

High quality control in the international level.

We bring you opportunity to change your look every day inexpensively and with a guarantee of quality and safety for your health.