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Natural Contacts

With colored natural contact lenses, you can easily change your natural eye color to whatever color you choose. Unlike colored lenses, tinted lenses can only enhance or change eye color. Both colored lenses and tinted contact lenses can perform either one function - changing the color of the eyes, or two at once - changing the color and corrective. Those colored contact lenses that do not correct vision are called "zero", and those lenses with diopters can be worn not only for cosmetic, but also for medical purposes. When using colored or tinted lenses, you don't have to worry about seeing distorted objects in them. The middle of the lenses is completely transparent, so the color of the lenses does not affect the colors of the images you see. Colored lenses are sometimes also called decorative, they can become a piquant addition to a person's image, emphasize his style. You can use colored contact lenses to completely change your eye color or just make it more intense. Even those people who see very well and have never had vision problems can buy colored lenses to stand out and draw attention to themselves. Neither colored nor tinted lenses will harm the health of the eyes. Both regular and colored eye lenses are made from the same materials. They are easy to use.

What are the benefits of using colored natural
 contact lenses?

Change in appearance. You need to choose the type of lenses depending on your natural eye color. People with light eyes can wear both colored and tinted lenses, while people with dark eyes can only wear colored contact lenses. The color of tinted lenses is translucent, and colored lenses completely change the color of the eyes.
If you use colored lenses according to all instructions, then there will be no danger or harm to your vision. Do not forget to take care of the lenses, follow the rules of hygiene, do not wear longer than the prescribed period. Colored lenses are produced on the basis of innovative technologies, thanks to which you get the effect of moisturizing the eyes, as well as preventing hypoxia. The color layer of the lens does not affect the colors you see other objects in and your safety as it does not come into contact with the cornea of ​​the eye.
Colored lenses for the eyes are a separate segment of contact optics, which is now one of the most promising, and in the future, according to experts, its prospects should grow even more.
Colored natural contact lenses are a product that is of great interest not only among young people. Among their consumers there are people of completely different age categories. The thing is that they are not limited to only one function - changing the color of the eyes. Many of them have optical power that allows you to correct vision. They also have camouflage properties. The absence of the iris or part of it, the scars that a person has acquired as a result of accidents - all this is easily hidden behind the color you choose, and is hidden in the most natural way, so that no one will guess anything. cosmetic problems in the eyes.
Colored lenses can drastically change the color of even dark eyes, but if you have light eyes, you can opt for tinted contact lenses. They do not change dramatically, but enhance the color that nature has given you. Tinted contact optics make the eyes more attractive, shining, giving depth to the look. It is simply impossible not to fall in love with such eyes.
The choice of colors and shades is huge. The user has a great opportunity to prefer natural colors found in nature, although rarely, or to focus on exotic colors, such that nature could not create and can only be seen with the help of cosmetic lenses.
But even on this, the possibilities of cosmetic lenses are not exhausted. We will be happy to offer you carnival or Crazy lenses, as they are also called. Instead of eye color, they offer an unusual, original pattern. We can also offer our consumers lenses that increase the eyes, with which you will be incredibly beautiful and attractive, and your look will enchant even the most pragmatic person.

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